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July 25, 2020
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Decorative Accessories Ideas For Your Home

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Just as with any well-accessorized outfit, accessories can make a room. Well chosen accessories displayed in an artistic and creative way can bring life to an otherwise drab space. There are many possibilities for accessorizing your rooms. Accessories include wall or table art, decorative shelves, pillows, throws or area rugs and picture frames.

Wall Art

When you think of wall art, do paintings, posters and prints fill your head? Don't let the limited thinking of the past rule how you decorate today. With a little imagination, you can have a room that suits your personality. Anything that can be hung on a nail can be wall art, like old snowshoes, boat oars or skis. It all depends upon the look and feel you want. If you have accessories, like pottery or ceramic figurines that can't hang on their own, you can include them in your wall art by placing them on a decorative wall shelf.

The feel of your room is important to take into consideration when accessorizing. Photographs or prints in unique picture frames will lend a warm feel to your room. Plates or pottery are best arranged symmetrically so that each piece has a prominent place to stand out on its own. Wall art can include just about anything if you have the imagination and creativity to think of it. If you need help, here are a few examples of what works for wall art:

* Contemporary prints in brightly colored picture frames. Accessories throughout the room in the same color as the picture frames will tie the room together with spots of color. The color can either be the main color of your room or a complementary color.

* If you have a tall headboard in your bedroom, mimic the horizontal line by hanging a trio of paintings side by side in a straight line above the headboard.

* If you have a room with a high ceiling that you want accentuated, hang prints or photographs vertically on the wall, which will draw the eye upward. If you have light colored walls, frame the prints in dark wood or black picture frames so they stand out and draw the eye.

* If you are considering mixing different materials, be sure the subject matter provides for the continuity of the grouping. For example, a grouping of black and white prints framed in silver picture frames will blend nicely with black and white photos on a tabletop below, if they are also framed in silver or complementary color picture frames. The black and white medium is what brings the continuity to the arrangement.

* For a dramatic decorating effect, hang a large intricate art piece on a wall in a room with simple clean lines and smooth surfaces. The contrast in textures makes a bold statement.

Table Art

A flat surface is a great place to create an artistic arrangement of accessories. The number one rule; however, is to not overwhelm the available space. If you have a large collection of family photos, it would be more appropriate to display them on a grand piano then on a small end table. You still need to use the table for its intended purpose. Once you know your available space, pare down your accessories to fit your space. Remember the decorating rule of odd numbers. Working with an odd number of items is more pleasing to the eye.

To arrange your accessories, place the tallest items at the back and work your way forward so the smallest piece is in the front. Adjust the heights so they go up and down from both side to side and front to back for a balanced look. You can place items on top of decorative boxes or antique books to create some height if your items are all about the same size. Just remember to not crowd your pieces. You want each one to be enjoyed by the viewer.

Table top accessories will always need to be moved on cleaning day. If you are pleased with your arrangement and want it to remain the same, snap a picture of it so your items can be placed back exactly as they were. You always have the option of a new arrangement each time you clean, as long as you remember to arrange them properly.


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