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March 24, 2020
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Anniversary Presents - Gifts for Each Year

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Because we unfortunately live in a world where half the people who get married end in divorce, you have even more reason to celebrate and commemorate successful and healthy marriages each year. The best way to do this is through anniversary presents.

The best presents you can buy a married couple on their anniversary goes back to tradition. Each year they have been married designates a particular gift.

This really is a classic way to go about your gift giving because it shows the couple that you respect their marriage and are doing so through your gift. The only problem is that not that many people know what the proper gifts are anymore.

If you want to give anniversary presents that follow tradition, then you need to start with the first anniversary. This traditionally is a paper present.

Obviously you will not just give out a piece of blank paper, so you will want to do something such as a gift certificate or a travel certificate. If you skip a few years ahead to the fifth wedding anniversary, you will want to make your present wood. This is an easy one because so many shops and boutiques carry products made of wood.

To continue following tradition to mark the anniversary, you can make your tenth wedding anniversary presents be tin. This is really one of the most traditional presents you can get a married couple. It is great to follow tradition because it helps remind the couple why they married so many years ago.

Year 15 is where you can start to get creative with the present you get because it is the year for crystal. You can go with something larger like a crystal bowl or you can get a small crystal figurine. Just make sure it is a gift the couple will use and appreciate.

For the 20th, your gift should be China. Next in line for your traditional anniversary presents is silver for year 25 the couple has been together. For the 30th year, you will want your gift to be pearl. The next milestone is coral.

Year 40 gets ruby, while 45 gets sapphire. The 50th is gold, while the 75th is diamond. Because some of these milestones are not reached by as many couples as in times past, it is important to show your respect and honor for the couple by choosing traditional presents for their anniversary.


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