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May 26, 2020
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Choosing a Man's Wedding Band

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Wedding bands are a symbol of a couples binding love. It was only after the second World War that men began wearing wedding bands as a way to show their commitment to their brides. This being said, men's wedding bands have been growing in popularity and styles. Jewelers are starting to make wedding bands which cater to men, more masculine and durable than ladies wedding rings. There are four main kinds of metal most popular to men's wedding rings which is to be considered when shopping for your wedding band.

Titanium Wedding Bands

Men's titanium wedding bands are growing in popularity due to their incredible durability, as it is the hardest natural metal in the world. Titanium wedding bands are strong, lightweight, and very resistant to scratches and dents. Due to this factor, titanium wedding bands can not be resized, so be sure you order the right size from the beginning. Titanium wedding bands can also offer a variety of colors to choose from.

Gold Wedding Bands

Men's gold wedding bands are traditionally a more popular choice of metal for men's wedding bands. In choosing a gold wedding band, you must choose the carat weight as well as if you want white or yellow gold. Also, most gold wedding bands can be easily resized if needed which make it really nice.

Platinum Wedding Bands

Platinum is a beautiful white metal, and much more dense than gold. It is also especially strong and durable. Platinum wedding rings can also be very expensive, usually costing double or more than a traditional gold ring, so make sure that's the route you want to take.

Silver Wedding Bands

Silver wedding bands are less costly than any of the other type of band discussed thus far. Silver wedding bands are naturally a softer metal that is prone to oxidization, sometimes causing the silver to turn black. It is not typically recommended for daily use

Wedding Bands with Stones

Adding diamonds or other kinds of stones to a men's wedding band makes for a really dramatic and classy ring. Many gold and platinum wedding bands offer some great styles of mens wedding bands with different sizes and kinds of precious stones.

Whatever kind of ring you choose, be sure to consider how durable the ring should be for daily use, the color preference of your ring as well as the cost of each of the above types of metals. Most local jewelers are happy to let you try on rings and tell you about the pros and cons of each one.


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