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July 8, 2020
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Creating A Family Friendly Home

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If you have small children, you can still enjoy a beautifully decorated home. You can create a child friendly environment without having to lock everything away until the kids get older. Here are some great tips.

Living With Toddlers In the Home

Many people think that when they have toddlers, all things breakable have to banished to the closet until it's safe to display them again, but this is not so. All you need to do is rearrange a bit - glass and porcelain knick knacks and collectibles can be moved so that they are beyond reach by putting them on a higher shelf or atop a piano. Meanwhile, baskets, silver, metal objects and wooden boxes can take their place on lower surfaces like coffee and side tables, on lower shelves, or other surfaces that are toddler-height.

In a baby or toddler's bedroom, put soft toys and books on low shelves where they can easily be reached by the child, and display picture frames and breakable keepsakes on the top shelves, out of reach. Always be sure that all furniture pieces with tip-over potential are securely attached to the wall to prevent unfortunate accidents.

A great addition to the child's room is a cute picture frame or two. You can find some sweet heart picture frames or cute flower picture frames to display.

As They Grow...

Baby rooms can easily be transformed into a more "grown-up" looking space with a few simple changes:

Take out the rocking chair and bring in an upholstered chair that would be great to curl up in and read a book.

If your changing table is one that is just placed on the dresser, remove it. Hang a couple of shelves above the dresser on the wall.

Take out the baby fabrics and bring in some more mature patterns. Just be sure to match the colors with the present color scheme so that you don't have to repaint.

When it's time to move past large floor toys for babies, replace them with a tiny table and chairs set (be sure the chairs are sturdy) for a nice place for your child to draw, play games with friends or have a "tea party." It's always nice to give a child a place of their own to play both alone and with friends.

Remember to evaluate your wallpaper and see if it matches the new flavor of the room. If it needs some changing, just remember to match the color scheme, and consider using a washable vinyl wallpaper for ease of cleaning.


Whether you have children or not, when it comes to storage there can never be enough space. If you need a place to store something like seasonal clothes, a good solution is to use a bin with a lid and place it on the top shelf of the closet.

Whether it's in the child's room or another room of your house where your child plays, it's nice to have some open shelving for kids to enjoy their toys and books, but it's also nice to have some of them out of sight for a less cluttered look, and hopefully less overall mess. Some people opt for a trunk of some sort, but it may not be the best choice due to the potential of the lid slamming down on tiny fingers. A better choice for closed storage would be cabinets with either sliding doors or drawers or doors that open out, or a combination of both. You can easily find such storage cabinets that will fit inside a closet, too.


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