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September 2, 2020
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How to Choose Authentic Native American Jewelry

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When it comes to authentic Native American jewelry, it is important to choose the right piece because this kind of jewelry does not come cheap. These pieces are a unique imprint on today's fashion so it's no wonder why their price reflects this. In fact if it is authentic, Indian jewelry can sometimes be more expensive than a diamond. What is great about this jewelry is that there are a diverse number of options to choose from.

Many styles have been handed down through each generation and even today younger designers strive to capture the unique and ancestral style. You will find unique designs inspired from both the East and the West which offers even more diversity to choose from. A good way to understand more about this authentic jewelry is to understand what some tribes are known for creating.

White and abalone shells as well as turquoise are all common materials used by the Navajo tribe to make jewelry. You will find this type of jewelry to be one of the most popular in main stream stores today and because of that it can be quite expensive, although high quality.

Red clay, rock, and a variety of different stones were used by the Pueblos to create their fine jewelry. They also sometimes used turquoise like the Navajo tribe did. They have created almost all types of designs that you see on the market today which is why they were considered by some to be the masters in jewelry making.

The Zuni tribe provides a great example of what it means to create authentic Native American jewelry. Intricate designs were their specialty as was their skill for using silver and lapidary work in the same piece. Most focal points of Zuni jewelry are stones of all different shapes sizes and colors.

It is always a good idea to look into many different types of Indian jewelry before choosing what you want to invest in. Make sure that you have a good understanding of what kind of materials are used in this authentic jewelry so that you can determine whether something is really authentic or not while shopping.

You can probably find what you are looking for right on the Internet which can save you time and money because you don't have to scour the local stores in your area to find what you want. Stay away from big box stores like Amazon if you want to get the best deals. It is also a good way to ensure good customer support and specialist information if you need it.


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